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About Us

At Slaters we pride ourselves in the personal service and choice that we offer to our customers.About Us
At the heart of everything we do is an ethos that consistently places our customers’ needs first.

We’re passionate about the shopping experience that we provide to our customer. From shirts
and suits to Highlandwear and Corporatewear, all of our clothes are made according to exacting
standards for quality and are provided in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Still run by the Slater family, our company is proud to have 23 stores nationwide including the Worlds Largest Menswear Store in Glasgow, each with its own team of tailors and seamstresses offering a free alterations service to all of our customers.
Our service to customers is unique in that our highly trained staff are not paid commission.
Their job is to make sure you get exactly what you want with the minimum of fuss.

Come on in and find out what makes Slaters unique.

We’re one step above the High Street
Can we let you into a little secret? We don’t have main High Street stores. There, we’ve finally 
said it. There is a good reason to this decision – we don’t want to pay extortionate rents and then 
have to pass on the costs to our customers. From day one we’ve kept pricing low to offer great value 
and that remains at the heart of our philosophy today. That’s why you’ll always find Slaters stores 
just off the beaten track, one floor up, overlooking the bustling throng below.

We value people above all else
We’re proud to say that our people make us special... we all genuinely care about our customers. 
Don’t take our word for it, come in to our stores and see for yourself. We will make your shopping 
an enjoyable experience.

We want you to enjoy shopping with us
We don’t just think about your money. We also think about what you might need. We offer a one 
stop shop – from shoes to hats, we’ve got it all. We’ve also got the people to help you when you 
need it; we all need a bit of encouragement when choosing a new look.

We work hard to offer our customers a unique shopping experience that delivers them what they
want, whatever size, whatever budget, with advice when they need it.

We want to get better at what we do
We never have a ‘job done’ mentality. We’re only as good as our last sale. We like you to challenge 
us. And we really like you to return, again and again. We know that we can always improve but we 
will never lose sight of what we’re good at. Change happens but we don’t change for the sake of it; 
we evolve to make our service better for our customers.

This isn’t another marketing pitch; we are genuinely committed to our values and we are what we
say we are. We are truly passionate about our products and our people. But of course, seeing is
believing. Come in and experience Slaters service for yourself.

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