Your outerwear can make or break your outfit, so ensure you achieve style success every time with the help of Barbour jackets. Infamous for its outerwear, Barbour is a brand that perfectly combines quality and style in their designs, resulting in menswear that always looks good... Our selection of men’s Barbour jackets has something to suit males of all sizes, fashion senses and cater for all occasions, so whether you need a new everyday work jacket, formal coat for special occasions or casual jacket for life around the house, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece of outerwear from Barbour at Slater Menswear. 


Men's Barbour Jackets

A jacket is so much more than just an extra layer you throw on when its cold, they’re a fashion statement and an essential part of your outfit, which is why they’re worth spending your money on. Barbour jackets have been popular for years and that isn’t about to change anytime soon. Always creating outerwear with an equal focus on quality and style, men’s Barbour jackets can be spotted a mile off thanks to their distinctive design features such as detailed stitching, branded hardware and generally flattering fit.


If you’ve ever wondered how to take an outfit from good to great, drab to dapper, the answer is all in the outerwear, so turn your attention towards our range of men’s Barbour jackets to find the perfect one to add to your collection. Our collection of these country-inspired jackets has something to suit every gent for every occasion, so explore the range and find the perfect one for you.