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stay at home work wear stay at home work wear


5 LOOKS OF lockdown

by Jonny Rose   March 25, 2020

The day starts off great: winter truly feels over, it’s getting light earlier, the birds are singing and it’s easier to get out of bed. Gone is the time of getting dressed and leaving for work in the dark. Actually, gone is the time of leaving at all. That’s right folks, we’re in lockdown! That means pyjamas, staring at your phone too much, fighting your neighbours for WIFI and eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a really weird time and we get it, we’re all in this together – having to deal with the same cabin fever, moments of anxiety, unable to see those close to you.

Frankly, if we think too much about it… it’s more than weird, it’s a horrible time.

To lighten the mood and welcome you to our updated website (you didn’t even notice did you!) – we've pulled together an evolution of the different looks you can expect to see throughout lockdown.


1. The "Everything is fine"

You’re treating the day like any other – getting up at the usual time, showering and getting dressed like it’s a day at the office.

Maybe you’re going all out and you’re still putting on the full suit on Mondays, navy suit on Tuesdays, maybe something check for Wednesdays, a grey suit on Thursdays and a dinner suit on Friday – because why the hell not? You’re putting in the effort to button up that shirt and do up your tie. Even with nowhere to go.

If you keep this up for the full three weeks, hats off to you. You’re a modern-day hero.

2. The "Zoom call ready"

Work wants a “team chat” – to kick off the week, catch up and keep the team spirit alive. For this look you only have to worry about the top half - we all know the majority on this call are just in their boxers and socks. A nice casual shirt will do the job for this if you want to put on some semblance that you're keeping it together better than everyone else. Or a simple t-shirt really has you covered – just make sure it’s not the same one you’ve been wearing for 10 days in a row.


3. The "Toilet roll battle royale"

It’s a warzone out there: people are fighting for toilet paper as if they go to the bathroom 20 times a day. Madness. You’ve seen the videos online. You don’t want to believe it - but better to be prepared.

Key things for this mission are:

  • A Set Of Heavy Boots: Practical for all-terrain and solid build for when you have to make a run for it – I’m talking Magnum, Doc Martens and Timberlands.
  • Padded Jacket: Stay warm and maximum defensive coverage, you do not want people touching you.
  • Gloves: You don’t want to be touching things, you don’t know where they’ve been.
  • Scarf: Good for coverage + can be used as a whip to keep people 2m away.
  • Hip Flask: Needs no explanation

Personally, I’m going to watch John Wick and listen to some death metal before I step out the door – do something similar yourself.

4. The "This is my home workout"

If you’re on Social Media you’ve been seeing this one quite a bit – from the lesser ’10 push up challenge’ to people giving you their full 60-minute routine. Are you one of them? Or prefer watching and participating from behind the lens? Either way, this one is simple: a plain t-shirt, some shorts and a pair of trainers will keep you going through all of this.

Planning on taking advantage of your one trip outside by going for a run or walk? This outfit will also do the job, just make sure to wrap up a little bit more. A lightweight fleece or waterproof jacket will keep you cosy.

(Remember to stick to just the one though, don’t want Boris tackling you out of nowhere…)

5. The "I give up!"

You haven’t washed in 5 days, what’s the point when you can’t see anyone? Just boxers and slippers for this one gents. You’ve earned this.

In all seriousness everybody – stay safe, take care of yourselves and (as hard as it may be) follow the rules. The sooner everybody does, the sooner we can move on from this and get together again.



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