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Kilt Hire & Tartans

Browse our range of Classic and Modern Tartans from the traditional charm of the Royal Stewart, the Historical Significance of the Black Watch Tartan and the Contemporary Style of the Grey Spirit Tartan. With our Scottish heritage we pride ourselves on our range of kilt hire and ensure you have the perfect for your day. For more information on kilt hire please get in touch.

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Classic Tartans

  • Modern Robertson

    Modern Robertson

  • Dress Gordon

    Dress Gordon

  • Hunting Stewart

    Hunting Stewart

Standard Tartans

  • Scottish National

    Scottish National

  • Welsh National

    Welsh National

  • Royal Stewart

    Royal Stewart

  • Modern Douglas

    Modern Douglas

    • Irish National

      Irish National

    • Flower of Scotland

      Flower of Scotland

    • Black Watch

      Black Watch

    • Scottish National

      Scottish National

Prestige Tartan Kilts

  • Black Spirit

    Black Spirit

  • Help for Heroes

    Help for Heroes

  • Scottish Spirit

    Scottish Spirit

  • Spirit of Bannockburn

    Spirit of Bannockburn

Also Available

  • Summer Spirit (Adults Only. *Exclusive to Slaters)

    Summer Spirit (Adults Only. *Exclusive to Slaters)

  • Highland Sky (*Exclusive to Slaters)

    Highland Sky (*Exclusive to Slaters)

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