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Gender Pay Gap

Slater Menswear is committed to equal treatment, equal opportunities and equal pay for all staff regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age. As a family business, we have a well-established set of principles which drive our people and our business and we support and encourage fair treatment, not just within our business, but more widely across the communities in which we are based.

As a large employer, we are legally required to calculate and publish information relating to our gender pay gap. Across the UK, the national gender pay gap in men and women's earnings is 17.9%. Following analysis, Slater Menswear can report that its median pay gap in hourly pay rates is 7.85% which is significantly lower than the UK average.

We recognise however that, like most UK employers, we still have work to do. Our pay analysis reveals disparity in average bonus pay and although women comprise the majority of our 2nd and 3rd highest pay quartiles, the top quartile is dominated by men. We believe this is explained by the Company's history as a menswear retailer. We continue to monitor progress however and for many years have operated policies designed to foster equal opportunities including fair maternity, paternity and shared parental leave as well as flexible working. As a result, female representation in managerial and other senior positions is steadily increasing.

We remain committed to fair working practices and to closing our gender pay gap.

Paul Rose Signature

Paul Rose

Financial Director


2017-2018 Gender Pay Gap Data

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay     21.8%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay 7.8%
Difference in mean bonus pay    152.6%
Difference in median bonus pay 69.9%





Percentage of employees who received bonus pay

54.6% 58.1%

Employees by pay quartile



Upper quartile 79.6% 20.4%
Upper middle quartile 44.2% 55.8%
Lower middle quartile 36.4% 65.6%
Lower quartile 64.9% 35.1%