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Inside Men’s Minds. A conversation surrounding men’s mental health, in partnership with Samaritans charity


To help raise awareness of the truths surrounding men’s mental health, and to encourage the power of conversation, we partnered with suicide prevention charity, Samaritans to sit down with six men from varying backgrounds and have a raw conversation.


The episode was recorded in the wake of the shocking statistic that last month, UK mental health referrals hit their highest point in two years. In the episode, the men open up about topics that Samaritans state as their most reported reasons why people turn to the charity. These being workplace stress, loneliness, relationships, and money.


Here at Slater Menswear we want to encourage the power of conversation; talk to a loved one, talk to a friend, talk to a colleague. Collectively, we can all be there for one another. Remember Samaritans are only a phone call away on 116 123. 


Watch the full episode of “Inside Men’s Minds” below.


Our Marketing Manager, Jonny Rose, recorded the episode with Lex Griffin, a noted Fitness Influencer; Chris Reeve, Managing Director of a Social Media Agency; Mike Omoniyi, Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur; Colin Campbell, Fitness It was truly moving that these men shared some of the raw and life-changing moments from their lives, and we hope that this can help to keep the conversation of men’s mental health at the forefront of people’s minds. 



    Jonny is the Marketing Manager, and a 3rd generation member of the Slater’s family. Always looking for ways to share the values of Slaters and the family – he focusses on videos to tell those stories. That led to getting this group together, to discuss the big issues facing so many across the UK. 


    Corporate Account Manager Samaritans: Passionate about helping companies be happier and healthier places to work. Fundraising professional and Mental Health First Aider, with 10 years experience in the charity sector. Specialising in corporate fundraising, strategy, project management, workplace mental health and mentoring.


    Chris Reeve is the Managing Director of a leading social media agency, Reeve Social Media & the Co-Host of Norwich City's number 1 fan media channel, Talk Norwich City. He's extremely passionate about supporting young people going through grief and spends lots of time fundraising for various charities. 


     Colin works in Business Development for a Design Led Furniture Supplier. Alongside his sales career, he creates self development content for other aspirational young professionals on his Instagram and Podcast, CamBro Conversations.


    Mike is an award winning serial entrepreneur and writer. He has been called one of the most influential voices in UK tech by the Financial Times.  


    YouTube & Social media Content Creator with over 1.5million followers. Lex's focus is within the areas of Fitness & Lifestyle. A previous competitive MMA Fighter and Bodybuilder Lex aims to help Educate people on daily health habits, training styles and mindsets which can lead to a Healthier and more Positive Lifestyle for anyone.


     Sir Marco Robinson is the creator, producer & actor of the top #4 Netflix Film “Legacy Of Lies”.  He is also the creator, star & presenter of the hit prime time tv show on Channel 4 “Get a house for free”. He has also won Entrepreneur of the Year twice, he is a #1 bestselling author and he is also knighted for getting 350,000 blind people guide dogs & public access in Malaysia.


In addition to Inside Men’s Minds, we conducted a study that revealed that males between 25-34  are most prone to overworking as a result of the changing working circumstances within the past two years. The research highlights that almost 3 in 5 men (57%) aged between 25-34 feel as though they have fallen victim to overworking to the point where it affects their mental health, further revealing that a quarter of these males did not inform their employer regarding the issue.


With overworking in the UK becoming a health crisis of its own, we asked for further advice from Samaritans on how to deal with overworking specifically.


Let someone know how you’re feeling

Talking can help put things into perspective and help us feel less isolated. It can be hard to reach out but talking to a trusted friend, colleague or family member is something we encourage you to try, however you can.


Rest is a form of self care

It could be something as simple as taking a book or a copy of the paper to a park for half an hour or taking your annual leave to enjoy some downtime. If time off isn’t an option in the immediate circumstance, even stepping away and taking a five-minute break over a cup of tea can help you relax and recharge.


Get fresh air

Whatever way you can, taking some time to enjoy the outdoors can have a positive effect on your mood. Our nature and mental health page has lots of tips for different ways to enjoy nature both inside and outside.


Take a break from social media and the news

If you find it hard to stay offline, prioritising other activities can help you switch it off. Try turning off your notifications or leaving your phone in another room for a few hours. If your job involves lots of screen time, taking a break away from your devices after work might help you relax.



How to get help from Samaritans

Anyone can contact Samaritans FREE anytime from any phone on 116 123, even a mobile without credit. This number won’t show up on your phone bill. For other advice and help, visit their website.


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C. Simms et al., ‘Suicide Statistics Report: Latest Statistics for the UK and Republic of Ireland.’ (Surrey, UK: Samaritans, 2019).

Data was collected via a survey of 2,000 national representative individuals.