Find Your Perfect Suit Fit!


A fit that is popular with most, tailored suits are smart, stylish yet comfortable. Tailored suits are classically dapper and a perfect choice for many formal occasions.

Slim Fit Suit

Streamlined and stylish, slim fit suits are a modern and trendy suit style. Still a fit that offers room for movement, men's slim fit suits keep you looking sharp whilst still ensuring you're comfortable.

Skinny Fit Suits

The most streamlined of fits, skinny fit suits are seriously modern and effortlessly cool. This fit of suit gives you a sleek look that will make you stand out in pure style at any formal event.

Suit Fits

Suit Fits

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One of the most daunting things about purchasing a suit is knowing how to get the fit right so we've created this Suit Fit Guide to help. The fit of a suit can take your look from classically dapper to modern and trendy depending on the style. We know it can be tricky getting the look you want, it massively depends on the fit of the suit and hope our Suit Fit Guide can simplify the process.

So if you are looking for a suit which sits close to the body with little extra fabric, go skinny. Skinny fits are the most streamlined fitting of our suit styles and perfect for achieving a trendy and modern formal look. Need a little more room? Go for a slim fitting suit which is still streamlined but contains a little extra fabric for a comfy fit. Going for a more classic look, then choose a dapper tailored fit suit. These suits are one of the most popular because of their smart and stylish silhouette.