Suit Up, Stand Out - Lex Griffin



"Be instinctive, bold, make sacrifices"

Suit Up, Stand Out - Lex Griffin

Suit Up, Stand Out - Lex Griffin

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Lex Griffin is a British bodybuilder, personal trainer and sponsored athlete. Throughout his life he’s looked for new ways to challenge himself – trying every sport from tennis to MMA – and he found his real passion lay inside a gym throwing weights around!

Lex noticed how Social Media was helping Fitness Instructors promote healthy and aesthetic lifestyles. Wanting to put his experience and know how (he has a Biology degree with focus on the human anatomy and physiological system) to good use, he got on YouTube to share his message of aesthetic with a life.

He quickly became a social media celebrity with 400,000+ followers on YouTube tuning in to hear his message of training hard, working hard and having fun.