Barker Shoes

Quality, style and effortlessly cool appeal, these are just a few of the words that define Barker shoes. A brand that is infamous for well built and thoughtfully designed footwear, Barker men’s shoes are always perfectly on-trend but made to last for however long you wish to wear them, always providing you with the best of both worlds. Our range of Barker shoes has something to suit every man’s style and cater for every occasion, so whether you want Barker brogues for formal occasions or Barker boots for keeping your looks stylish while winter ready, you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes here at Slater Menswear. 

Barker Brogues & Boots

Top quality fabrics and styles that remain always on-trend – what more could you want from a pair of shoes? Barker shoes provide just that with every single pair; the perfect balance between practical and durable materials and design techniques that never go out of style. We pride ourselves on only stocking the best here at Slater Menswear, which is why we’re pleased to introduce you to our range of Barker men’s shoes.


Catering for every occasion, size and style, the Barker shoes we have on sale truly are the most popular and best-sellers from the brand. A selection of Barker brogues in every colour you could possibly want or need to a collection of Barker boots that are the perfect stylish options for the colder, wetter weather, there’s no reason to not always have great looking shoes when you can get Barker shoes for men for such an affordable price here. Explore the Barker brand and find your ultimate pair of top quality, on-trend men’s shoes.