Size Guide

The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Here at Slater Menswear were are passionate about achieving the Perfect Fit. We offer Free Alterations across our 26 stores to ensure that you get the perfect fitting suit every time. Below are our top tips:

  • sleeve length</span>

    sleeve length

    Should sit at the part of the arm where the wrist and the base of the thumb meet, with 1.5cm of shirt cuff visible.

  • jacket button

    If you are wearing a 2 button suit, only the top one should be done. If you are wearing a 3 button jacket, only the middle one should be done.

    jacket button
  • trousers length</span>

    trousers length

    Normally dictated by the wearer’s preference however there should be 1’’ break on trousers.

  • shoulders

    The seam should always end on the shoulders and should hug the shoulders gently. Should not be too tight or too narrow.This part of the fit dictates the look of the whole suit.

  • jacket length</span>

    jacket length

    This should be no longer than where your knuckles land by your side.