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by Slaters Style  May 21st, 2021

The clothing we choose to wear usually comes down to a few key factors; what it looks like, how it feels and how expensive it is. Despite how simple this may sound, fashion choices can vary wildly from person to person.

So how can you guarantee you’re making the right choices when it comes to your outfits?

To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 15 must-have items that every man should have in his wardrobe. Not only is this a great starting point to help you stay kitted out with clothing essentials, but it will also point you in the right direction to develop your own personal style.

1.   A traditional white Oxford shirt


White Button Down Tailored Fit Shirt - £49.00


We challenge you to find a more loyal workhorse than the humble white Oxford. This button-down classic can be paired with suits, knitwear or just a smart pair of trousers — wherever you're headed, an Oxford shirt will keep you looking dapper.

2.   The adaptable loafers


Henry Classic  Lace Up Loafers - £59.00


A reliable pair of loafers will serve you well as part of both smart and casual outfits; they’re the perfect footwear for transitioning from day to night. Smarten up your daily office look with a pair of roll-up jeans or wear with a suit to brandish an eye-catching pair of socks to match your tie.

3.   The everyday hoodie


The original grey hoodie - £45.00


A good-quality hoodie should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. From coffee runs and gym sessions to casual Fridays and extra winter layers, there’s rarely a situation where a hoodie doesn’t come in handy. Although perfectly fine to lounge around in, you still want to avoid cheap options — a well-made hoodie will last you years.

4.   Your favourite flannel shirt


Navy flannel long sleeve shirt - £35.00


Flannel, checked, tartan — however you like to say it, these shirts are a winning casual look. There are a number of designs and fabrics that fall under ‘flannel’, giving you tons of options to choose from. This means you can dress a flannel shirt up or down, giving you that rugged lumberjack look whenever you need it most.

5.   The plain white tee


Classic white t-shirt - £6.00


Without a doubt, the most versatile piece of clothing you can own is a plain white T-shirt. An inoffensive addition to any outfit, a crisp white tee can be styled alongside a vast range of clothing. Keep your T-shirts bright, ironed and well-fitted for a winning combo.  

6.   A pair of polished lace-ups


Black patent square-toe shoe- £59


You never know when you’ll be invited to your next black-tie event, but you know you’ll need to dress to impress. Even if they rarely see use, it’s wise to keep a smart, polished pair of dress shoes in the back of your closet to stop you from being caught unaware — it’s not like you’re going to grow out of them, after all.

7.   The definitive chinos


Grey stretch chino - £19.00


A clear favourite among smart-casual lovers, chinos are one of the most re-wearable articles of clothing. From drinks at the bar to a barbeque or even workwear, chinos rarely look out of place and mean you can wear whatever shirt you like without worry.

8.   Out-the-box white trainers


Ted Baker white trainers - £59.00


Comfortable and stylish, you can never go wrong with a pair of pristine white trainers. Whether you’re keeping things casual with your go-to pair of jeans or you’re dressing down a suit for less formal occasions, the right pair of sneakers can transform an outfit. Just make sure to keep them clean!

9.   The ol’ reliable suit


Navy tailored fit three-piece suit - £145.00


It doesn’t matter if you wear suits for your day job or you’re rarely seen out of denim: you should always have a reliable suit in your repertoire. From weddings to job interviews, there are several situations where having a good suit at hand is crucial. It doesn’t need to be an expensive investment; just choose something that fits properly and is in a universally smart colour like navy blue or stone grey.

10.   A classic Harrington


Navy showerproof Harrington jacket - £39.00


Is there a more dependable lightweight jacket than a Harrington? The recipe for this classic has remained widely unchanged, making it as much of a showstopper today as it ever was. Dress down a shirt or make your favourite T-shirt pop — Harrington’s work well in almost any colour, so choose what best suits you.

11.   A textured blazer


Blue tailored tweed blazer - £145.00


Switching up textures gives your outfits depth to help you stand out from the crowd (in a good way). The easiest way to incorporate textures without drastically changing your look is with a blazer; adding a touch of tweed will create a sophisticated touch to your outfit without looking ‘too smart’, especially if you experiment with colours.

12.   ‘Indestructible’ jeans


511 slim fit stretch black jeans - £75.00


A trusty pair of jeans will see you through many outfits, especially if they’re dark. Like the rest of your casualwear collection, you should never scrimp on quality just because you’re not dressing up. A quality pair will last far longer than a cheaper alternative and will look fashionably distressed once they’ve been worn in, rather than “ready for the bin”.

13.   A bold floral print


Black floral shirt - £15.00


One of the cardinal sins in most men’s wardrobes is an irrational fear of colour and patterns. Luckily, a floral print comes packing both. Break up your black, navy and grey outfits with a pleasing pop of colour that elevates your monochromatic looks. You don’t need to go crazy here; darker floral shirts or ties look fantastic when paired with a single-coloured suit.

14.   A sophisticated knit


Navy V Neck knitted Jumper - £39.00


We’re not talking about slouchy jumpers here; we mean a fashionable piece of knitwear that not only keeps you warm but also looks the part. Quarter-zips are a great option to pair with a collared shirt and smart pair of chinos, or if you’re feeling up to it, a roll-neck and suit jacket is an unbeatable duo.

15.   A statement overcoat


Colin Black long tailored fit overcoat - £99.00


When the weather is bad but you’re dressed to impress, how do you stay protected without sacrificing style? Simple: don an overcoat. An undeniably cool and slick addition to any man’s wardrobe, an overcoat isn’t restricted to suits; a good pair of jeans and Chelsea boots work seamlessly with an overcoat to create a less polished yet equally stylish look.

A style that’s uniquely yours

Now that we’ve given you the basics, it’s up to you to find your own style. All our must-have clothing items are flexible and adaptable, meaning you can mix and match them together or with your own unique looks. Explore our full range of men’s clothing to experiment with the possibilities or head over to our style inspiration hub for more expert fashion advice

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