As the winter weather sets in and the colder months approach, sometimes a shirt simply just won’t do. Whether it’s feeling the chill with just a shirt and suit jacket or feeling too warm with a combination, we’ve got a simple solution.


It’s time to swap your short sleeve shirts for stylish pullovers, cardigans and sweatshirts. Properly paired and styled knitwear can become a firm favourite in your autumn-winter rotation. Not only is it the ideal way to keep the perfect temperature, but layering your suit adds the perfect amount of flexibility to seamlessly switch up your style.


Whether you’re just looking for some much-needed inspiration or want to learn how to effortlessly layer, our styling experts have rounded up their top tips to keep warm and stylish this season. 

What is layering?

As simple as it may sound, layering is merely the art of adding multiple layers to any outfit — something that is particularly popular during the cold autumn-winter months. 


There are many combinations of cashmere, cotton blends, and natural wool fabrics that can keep you warm. Wearing knitwear under your jacket can help you feel comfortable and warm for the day, as well as helping to add some character to your style. 


Discover everything you need to know about layering with our handy guide.

Knitwear for layering

V-neck pullover

 Plain V Neck Pull Over — £10


Whether you’re heading to the office or have an evening out planned, a v-neck pullover is a great way to incorporate fashion and functionality into your wardrobe. Styled with a complementing suit jacket and pocket square, this look is perfect for keeping you warm and stylish in the winter months. Finish the look with a crisp shirt — making sure the buttons are fastened all the way to the top. 


If you’re wanting to keep a more streamlined silhouette, it’s important to remember that your v-neck jumper isn’t oversized or thick as this will add bulkiness to your stature. Not only are v-necks versatile and on-trend, but they can also help to elongate the body, making your torso appear longer and, in turn, taller. 

Crew neck jumper

Barbour Knitted Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper — £69


In the colder months, swapping your shirt for a crew neck jumper — or layering on top — is a great way to work interesting, bold textures into your rotation. Thanks to its minimal design, a crew neck sweater will flatter all body types and will offer top-notch comfort, ensuring you can wear this piece regularly. 


A basic yet classic garment, solid, neutral shades like ivory, black, beige and grey are easy go-to options that you can throw on with ease. Make a bolder choice in the coming cold weather and opt for contrasting pattern combinations; or move out of your comfort zone with stunning winter palettes of khaki, burgundy and navy.  


Style a crew neck sweater with a darker colour suit — like black or navy — to make this look to complement each other perfectly. Finish with matching dress shoes and a pocket square for a dapper, dressed-down look. 

Quarter-zip jumper

Barbour ¼ Zip Burgundy Jumper — £69



Quintessentially British, a quarter-zip jumper is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Putting together a well-crafted outfit is no easy feat, but a quarter zip-up jumper teamed with a shirt and tie can add a sporty edge to any sophisticated outfit.  


More structured in comparison to a regular jumper, a quarter zip-up jumper is a great transitional piece that suits the winter months. Although a blazer is smart by nature, it’s crucial that you’re coordinating your zip-up to avoid clashing. Shades like grey, black and blue look great styled with tweed and check suits. Whereas warmer tones like maroon and green complement hues like navy and brown. 

Turtleneck jumper

Brave Soul Roll Neck Jumper — £12



When warmer weather is still a thing of the past, a turtleneck jumper and blazer combination is a timeless look. Not only is a turtleneck a good transitional piece, but it can also work both dressed up and dressed down.


For a more formal look, a turtleneck works well when paired with a more structured blazer — think heavier materials like wool and tweed when formulating this look. When wearing a turtleneck it’s important to opt for a thinner material as thicker jumpers can create bunching and pull across your suit jacket. 


Farah Crew Neck Sweater — £49



Lightweight and breathable, a sweater can add an additional layer of warmth to your look without hampering your style. Adding a sweater to your repertoire provides contrasting texture and colour to your silhouette underneath the jacket.  


Pair a sweater with a contrasting white shirt, with the top buttons unfastened and a pair of blue denim jeans for a more laid back and relaxed look. Finish the look with a signature cold-weather garment — a scarf. Not only does it add depth and complexity to your outfit but it makes a welcome addition in the cooler months. 


Prestige Button Down Cardigan — £49



The humble cardigan should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. This simple piece of knitwear is versatile in so many ways — suitable to be worn as a transitional piece throughout the seasons. When a cardigan is paired with a suit, it provides a wonderful array of contrasting textures and colours. 


To properly wear a cardigan for formal occasions, it’s best to undo the first and second buttons at the bottom, so as not to cause bunching. When choosing the correct size, you’ll want to pick one with a close fit — a loose cardigan will have excess fabric at the stomach and be oversized whereas a size too small and the buttons will pull across the stomach.


Stick with more neutral shades and team with a blazer in one or two shades darker.  

Find your new layered knitwear staple

Now you know exactly how to effortlessly layer knitwear with a suit, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Shop our wide range of knitwear, suits and blazer jackets to find your perfect match at Slater Menswear — shop our new plus size range Menswear+, too. If you’re looking for some extra guidance, head over to our style inspiration hub for more expert fashion advice.