The upcoming Ascot Races, a highlight of the British social calendar, are fast approaching, promising a spectacle of world-class horse racing and quintessential elegance. Known for its stringent sartorial standards, Ascot demands impeccable attire from its male attendees, with dress codes varying across its different enclosures. Whether you're heading to the prestigious Royal Enclosure with its requirement for morning dress and top hats, or the more relaxed Village Enclosure where a smart jacket and tie will suffice, navigating these fashion rules can be daunting. Thankfully, our comprehensive guide breaks down each dress code in detail, offering tailored advice to ensure every gentleman can choose the perfect outfit. From understanding the nuances of formal wear to selecting the right accessories, our guide ensures you will step out in style, confident and ready to enjoy one of the most iconic events in the racing world.




In the Royal Enclosure, the dress code for men is strictly formal, underscoring the tradition and prestige of Royal Ascot. Men are required to wear a black or grey morning suit, which includes a waistcoat and tie, along with a black or grey top hat. This attire reflects the event's historic ties to the British aristocracy and the presence of the Royal Family. The morning suit must be complemented by black shoes and socks, ensuring a polished and distinguished appearance. The adherence to such a rigorous dress code enhances the overall sense of occasion and exclusivity within this elite enclosure.

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The dress code for men in the Queen Anne Enclosure is formal, yet it allows for a touch more flexibility compared to the Royal Enclosure. Men must wear a full-length suit with a matching jacket and trousers, accompanied by a collared shirt and tie. Cravats and bow ties are not permitted, emphasizing a sleek, modern look. Formal shoes are required to complete the outfit. This dress code maintains a high standard of elegance, suitable for the refined atmosphere of Royal Ascot, while allowing guests to express a bit of personal style within the bounds of traditional formalwear.


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  • Men in the Village Enclosure are expected to dress smartly, with a dress code that balances elegance with a slightly more relaxed vibe. A jacket and full-length trousers are mandatory, paired with a tie to maintain a sense of formality. Casual attire such as jeans, chinos, and trainers are strictly prohibited, ensuring that attendees present a polished appearance. Formal shoes and socks are required, contributing to the overall smart aesthetic. This dress code allows for comfort while still upholding the event's prestigious atmosphere, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a blend of sophistication and ease.




    The Windsor Enclosure offers the most relaxed dress code for men at Royal Ascot, though it still calls for smart attire. While a jacket and tie are not mandatory, they are encouraged to maintain a certain level of formality. Casual items such as jeans, shorts, and trainers are not permitted, ensuring that the overall appearance remains refined. Men are expected to dress neatly, with an emphasis on smart daywear. This more flexible dress code allows attendees to enjoy the festive and social aspects of Royal Ascot in a comfortable yet stylish manner, appealing to those who prefer a less formal yet still polished look.


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  • As the excitement builds for Ascot 2024, securing your sartorial choices is just as important as preparing for the thrill of the races. With each enclosure having its distinct dress code, your outfit not only showcases your style but also pays homage to the tradition and elegance that define this iconic event. Whether you're embracing the formal sophistication of the Royal Enclosure or the chic yet relaxed vibe of the Village Enclosure, dressing appropriately ensures you'll fit seamlessly into the grandeur of Ascot. To complete your look with precision and flair, explore our exclusive Races Collection. Designed to cater to every aspect of Ascot's dress codes, our races collection offers everything from tailored suits to exquisite accessories. Step into Ascot 2024 with confidence and style, knowing you're impeccably dressed for the occasion.