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Our Wedding Party Suit Finder takes the stress out of buying the Groom and Groomsmen’s suits for your big day. We have created a tool that has simplified shopping all suits available in your Wedding Parties sizes, which means no more frustration when after hours of shopping with no luck! We can rave about our new technology all day long but the best way for you to be impressed is by trying it out yourself. Read our guide on finding the perfect wedding suit;


Blue check wedding group suitBlue check wedding group suit
Matching boys and adult wedding suitMatching boys and adult wedding suit

Stand out from the crowd in one of our wedding suits. We have the perfect suit for the groom, best man, ushers and even the Father of the bride in a wide range of sizes to ensure your whole wedding party can look their best. 



How would you advise grooms to start when first thinking about wedding day outfit shopping?

There are three key areas a groom has to think about when looking for his perfect wedding suit. First, the date of the wedding, second the number of people in the wedding party and lastly, the colour theme of the wedding.

We have developed new technology to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible for the groom (or bride- if you are secretly picking the suit too). Slaters Wedding Suit Finder allows you to enter the sizing details of your full wedding party at the one time and select your colour preference before showing you all styles available to you. Try our Wedding Suit Finder here:


Preview of Slater Menswear wedding suit finder toolPreview of Slater Menswear wedding suit finder tool


What are the different suit options available for a groom on the big day?

There a range of fits, colours and fabrics available for a groom to choose from. The fits range from skinny, slim, tailored and regular meaning there is something to suit every man. Check out our suit size guides for further information. 


Suit finder regular fit suitsSuit finder regular fit suits


Regular fit as the name suggests is the traditional cut and fits looser around the body.

Suit finder tailored fit suitsSuit finder tailored fit suits


Tailored fit is sleek and timeless. It is not as roomy as a Regular fit and less fitted than a Slim fit. 

Suit Finder Slim Fit SuitsSuit Finder Slim Fit Suits


The slim fit is closely fitted to the body with a small amount of excess fabric, creating a sharp, trim look.

Suit finder skinny fit suitsSuit finder skinny fit suits


Skinny fit features little to no excess fabric and sharp lines to create a fashion-forward and modern look. 


Why would a groom choose a suit on the big day?

A suit is a classic piece which makes any man look dapper and stylish. A suit looks sharp, sophisticated and can complement any colour theme. It may also make the groom feel more comfortable and confident on his wedding day.


When should a groom start searching in relation to the wedding date?

We recommend that the groom starts planning his suit selection around 3 months before the wedding date and leaves it no later than 4 weeks to ensure you are able to get what you are looking for and plenty time for alterations. Remember that here at Slaters we offer FREE ALTERATIONS on every suit, so you can be sure your wedding party will all have perfectly tailored suits on the day.

If you have a particularly large wedding party, we recommend that you look as soon as the colour scheme has been finalised to guarantee all of the party can be catered for.

Suit finder free alterations offerSuit finder free alterations offer


What advice would you give grooms on which style and look to pick?

We recommend that they always ask their partners' opinion as they may have an outfit or colour theme in mind. We would, however, say, the most important advice you could give them is wearing an outfit they feel comfortable in, as they will be wearing it all day and in the evening.


What about matching the colour theme, the groom and the groomsmen?

If you are looking to co-ordinate the Best man & Groomsmen there are many styles and colours of pocket squares, ties and bow ties to match the bridesmaid's dress. The groom can also match the bridesmaids however he may wish to wear an alternative colour so that he stands out from the rest of the wedding party.

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  • Do you have any other pieces of advice that are essential for a groom when shopping?

    Do go for a style you love and feel comfortable in. You want to look your best on the big day and that comes from a confident man, happy in what he is wearing.




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