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Wedding group suits for menWedding group suits for men





Some couples choose to have a very clear theme at their wedding, whereas others go for something more subtle, perhaps colour or style you want the day to be focused on but whether your theming is bold or understated, your suit needs to match.

All the clothes worn on your big day from the groom's suit to the bride’s dress, the groomsmen suits and the bridesmaid dresses, they all play a part in bringing your theme to life, so you need to pick the right suit to work for your wedding theme, so here are some that we see a lot:


Black Tie and tuxedo wedding styleBlack Tie and tuxedo wedding style


Hollywood Red Carpet

If you’re aiming to achieve a wedding day that looks more like a Hollywood awards ceremony then there really is only one option for your suit and that’s a tuxedo. If red carpet glamour is the theme of the day then it’s time to put on your best 007 act, don the dinner suit and bow tie and head down the aisle feeling extra dapper.


The Roaring 20’s

The era of Great Gatsby, the 1920s was lavish and flamboyant and is a popular theme for weddings as the people of the ‘20s really knew how to party.

There are two options for a suit when you want to look fresh for the Gatsby decade: and they’re the black dinner suit or a pinstripe three-piece. Similarly, to a Hollywood theme, a classic tuxedo is a perfect fit, particularly with a pleated front shirt for the ’20s but pinstripes were also big during this decade and they’re also super cool now, so perhaps a great choice.



Country Chic

A popular theme for modern weddings, the country chic look is a little vintage and a little rustic but effortlessly cool and usually sees you tying the knot in a breath-taking converted barn, so if that’s the case, a tweed suit is your perfect option. Not only is it a perfect match to your venue but the tweed fabric will really accentuate the rural, country vibe of your big day and above all, you’ll look effortlessly dapper without a doubt.




We’re a generation of festival lovers now and some couples are even choosing to host their own for their wedding day! Festival weddings are outdoorsy,  fun and they're usually quite relaxed so perhaps a formal, traditional suit isn’t the right option for this kind of affair. You can either go more casual with a two-piece suit and open-neck shirt or you could go for a classic fitting suit in a brighter, quirkier colour such as teal or bright blue. Mix and match blazers and waistcoats are also a big trend for a fashion-conscious groom.




A theme usually associated with the more laid back couple, a bohemian wedding is typically relaxed, full of flowers and generally a more casual affair which is why we think a linen suit is a perfect option for this kind of day.

Also perfect for warm weather weddings, linen suits are generally a more understated and less formal look, they also look great worn with an open-neck shirt, making them the ideal option for the more casual groom.




The classic fairytale wedding is usually quite traditional as well as being pretty lavish, so an old-school yet dapper morning suit is the perfect attire to match this theme. Turn yourself into the ultimate prince charming in a tailcoat and top hat, the ideal combination for completing your fairytale big day.

So, whatever the theme, we’ve got a suit that is the perfect fit, it’s just a case of choosing the one to match your special occasion.


Mens highlandwear kilt Mens highlandwear kilt



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