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The £1k wedding: How to have your dream wedding on a budget

Planning your picture-perfect nuptials can be nothing short of a challenge, and it can be made even harder with the average cost of a wedding in the UK amounting to a staggering £30,000.


But, planning a wedding on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you have to forego a stylish venue or dapper suits. Knowing when to save and when to splurge means that you can have your dream wedding — without the stress of financial hardship.


From e-invitations to intimate settings and personalised playsuits to suit hires, discover all the ways you can have your dream wedding for £1,000.

The guestlist

While the idea of inviting everyone you know to your wedding seems like tradition, this can actually end up costing you more.


Stick to a set amount of people that you want to invite — say 40 to begin with — and make sure that all the important people are accounted for. By only keeping it to close family and friends, you’ll be saving thousands of pounds in the long run.

The invites - From 20p per e-invitation

Although selecting your wedding invites that are adorned with both your names can be a special keepsake from your big day, it can also be extremely costly. From postage stamps to matching envelopes, the price can quickly add up.


Instead of opting for the traditional, sites like, and offer personalised evites for as little as 20p per invite. Essentially, an e-invitation is an electronic invitation that’s sent to your invitees via email and can be a fun introduction to your wedding. You’re able to pick your own design from a range of templates as well as add images and all the details of your big day.

The ceremony - From £172

No matter what size or where your wedding is located, you’ll still have to pay for your ceremony. If you opt to hold your nuptials in a registry office in Lancashire, for example you could end up paying:


Day & time of ceremony

Marriage certificate

Non-refundable administration fee

Notice of the marriage or civil partnership per person

Minimum of £50





(For a standard ceremony with a maximum of 10 guest)


For an extra copy of the marriage certificate, this will also cost £11 each or you can opt for a commemorative certificate for £7.

The venue - From £10 an hour

Opting for a mid-week, Sunday or off-peak wedding is a great way to keep costs down. Although this means you’ll have to get married in the colder months if you choose off-peak, it’ll help avoid the high rates that are charged for weddings that take place in the summer.


Sites such as, and offer affordable wedding venues with everything from village halls and pubs to private rooftop terraces and converted barns starting from just £10 an hour.


If you’re looking to save even more, having your wedding reception in a garden has become increasingly popular over the years. If a friend, family member or even you have a big enough outdoor space, ask if you could use the space for the evening to host the celebration.

The music - Free or from £9.99

You may think that you’ll have to spend hundreds on an expensive DJ or thousands on a band, but that doesn’t have to be the case.


Streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music offer both paid and free versions of their services. Spotify’s free version has features that are limited. Music can be played on shuffle but you’ll only be able to skip six songs every hour and you’ll have to listen to ads periodically after a few songs.


Spotify’s Premium service starts at £9.99 and lets users play music on demand, skip any track, create, edit and share playsuits as well as listen offline and it has no adverts.


All you have to do is connect your phone or laptop to a Bluetooth speaker and your entertainment is arranged for the evening.

The food & drink

If you’re looking to save money, getting married later in the day means that you’ll only have to serve one meal as opposed to two. You can also forgo the traditional wedding breakfast that is usually served the day after the event.


Many venues allow for external catering and buffet-style food to be served at their location. Although the idea of serving a meal is more elegant, a buffet-style feast means that people can come and go as they please.


You can set the tables up as one for starters and soups, another for mains and one for desserts. If you’re looking to add a special, personalised touch, you can also opt for themed tables with the favourite food on the couple.

The dress - From £36

Often thought of as one of the priciest parts of a wedding,  you needn’t break the budget when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress and matching accessories.


Affordable clothing sites like ASOS and Missguided now have dedicated bridal ranges where you can shop high-end looks at high street prices. Whether it’s an embellished maxi dress or a satin low-back look, you’re sure to find your dream dress at a discounted price.


Plus, if you’re planning on having bridesmaids on your big day, you can easily find matching dresses that will suit everyone without breaking the bank.

The suit - From £69

If you’re in the process of planning your big day, then you’ll know that picking out the groom’s suit can be just as important as choosing a wedding dress for the big day.


Picking a suit is all down to personal preference. You’ll want to find a suit that you’ll feel comfortable in — whether this is picking the perfect size or colour that best compliments you — as it will be a suit you’ll be wearing all day.


Suit retailer, Slater Menswear, have carefully curated a wide range of wedding suits, so you can find the perfect suit no matter what your style. With everything from tartan prints in their Highland Wear collection, to dapper tuxedos and three-piece suits, you’re sure to find an elevated wedding suit that sticks to the budget.


If you’re looking for more information, Slater Menswear has a wide range of suits and style inspiration to help you find your perfect look. 

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