From navigating the theme of your wedding to picking season-appropriate fabrics and colours, there are so many factors that go into finding the perfect suit. It’s important to make sure that your suit reflects the location and theme of your wedding; whether it be in a quaint church or on a tropical beach, you’re going to want a suit that matches.


Whether you’re opting for a more traditional look with tails or a suave tuxedo is more suited to your style, we’ve put together all the inspiration you need to make sure that your suit is sorted for the big day. Achieve a look that you’ll remember for years to come with the help of our style experts who have rounded up their top suits for every type of wedding.

The suit

Picking a suit that is right for you is all down to personal preference. Essentially, this has to be a suit that you’re going to be comfortable in — you will be wearing it all day after all.


When it comes to finding the right size, it’s important that you measure correctly. An ill-fitting suit isn’t ideal for your wedding day. To make sure your suit fits, you’ll need to consider how you want your jacket to sit across the arms, chest and shoulders, as well as the length and style you want in your trousers. Check out our guide to everything you need to know about suit fits to find your perfect fit.

The wedding

White tie wedding

Black Herringbone Tailcoat Hirewear Outfit — £92.00


If formality is an important component of the wedding, then it’s more than likely that a white tie wedding will be your dress code.


The most formal dress code of them all, a white tie wedding typically consists of a black jacket with tails that reach the back of the knee and matching pants. Your trousers should match the colour of the jacket and be made from the same material. Most notably, an obvious seam should run down the front of the pants and a white tie and waistcoat should be worn.


For a look of serious grandeur, finish with a pair of matching, polished dress shoes and a complementing pocket square.

Black tie wedding

Black Satin Lapel Two Piece Dinner Suit — From £199.00


As the groom, looking your best on your wedding day is a must. If you’re opting to host a black-tie wedding — which is typically held in either the early morning or late evening — then you need to look sharp.


When looking for the perfect black tie suit, you’ll need to remember that a tuxedo should consist of:


  • A dress shirt — Featuring pleats and either special buttons or studs.
  • A jacket — This will typically include a satin trim or contrasting fabric on the lapels. You’ll also want to make sure that the colour of your jacket and trousers match.
  • Dress trousers — You’ll always want this to feature a satin trim down the side of each leg.
  • Shoes — Black dress shoes.
  • Accessories — Sterling silver cufflinks with a black bow tie.


Once you’ve found your perfect black tie suit, opt to finish this crisp look with a contrasting pocket square to look suave and sophisticated.

Highland wedding

Spirt Of Bannockburn Hirewear Tweed Outfit — £113.50


With our Highland hire wear, you’ll always find a piece that perfectly works for you. Whether it’s personal taste or wearing the family tartan for you or your spouse-to-be, a kilt is a traditional piece that has to be worn correctly.


Tartans come in a variety of different colours, checks, weights and styles. Typically, people tend to choose their colour based on their wedding colour scheme or either their family or clan connections. If you are looking to represent this Scottish tradition, team your traditional garment with a Prince Charlie jacket, Semi-Dress Sporran, Sgian Dhu and Ghillie Brogues. Finish with a pair of socks, flashes and your choice of cufflinks. If you’re wanting to modernise your look whilst still giving a nod to your Scottish heritage, why not opt for a pair of tartan trousers, instead? 

Beach wedding  

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If you’re opting for a beach wedding, finding the appropriate attire can be a challenge. Whether you’ve chosen your favourite place in the country or you’re flying out to your next sunny destination abroad, nautical colours — like navy, blue and white — as well as neutral hues — like cream, beige and ivory — are the best colour palette to experiment with. Lightweight materials like linen will also be beneficial, too. For an effortlessly cool style, throw on a pair of aviator glasses and opt to leave your top button undone for a more relaxed and laid back look.

Summer wedding  

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If you’re throwing a wedding in the summer, then a linen-silk blend suit is a no-brainer. A fabric that is known to be lightweight and breathable, it’s perfect for the unpredictable British weather.


You’ll also want to make sure that you’re choosing the right colour palette for summer. Typically, lighter colours like; light grey, cream, white and brown or even pastel shades like pink and blue are welcomed for summer weddings. Summer is the perfect time to create an eye-catching look by playing with prints and mixing colours, too. Pinstripe trousers styled with a block colour blazer help to add a more modern touch to the typical traditional suit that a groom will wear.


If you’re opting for more of a casual look, go tieless. Make sure that the rest of your suit is excellently tailored to ensure that you still look classy enough for a wedding.

Winter wedding

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If your big day is taking place in the chiller months, then it’s time to find the ultimate winter staple attire. As a more general rule, heavier fabrics and deeper hues typically tend to rule a winter wedding. Many grooms take inspiration by opting for tweed — which is a popular choice due to its rustic look and heavy material meaning it’s a good insulator of heat.


Tweed is also good for adding texture to your suit. Our Fellini Tailored range is the perfect choice for the style-conscious gent who understands that the key to looking good is making sure you have the perfect textured suit that is sure to get you noticed.


Particularly perfect for a winter wedding day, deep purples, forest greens and chocolate will look great. If you’re looking for accessories to match, add a hint of floral with a pocket square or tie that will contrast against your tweed suit.

The perfect suit

Now that you have the ingredients to find the perfect suit for your wedding, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Whether you’re planning a wedding in the chiller months or in the sun, sticking to tradition or opting for a more modern look, we’ve got you covered. At Slater Menswear, we have a huge selection of suits, shirts and trousers to suit every occasion in the calendar.


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