Whether you’ve recently got engaged or it’s been a matter of years, finding your dream wedding can be nothing short of exciting. But, once you’ve found the right venue and set the theme, how do you match your suit to the venue? 


At Slater Menswear, we’ve got a wide range of suits that are perfect for every theme, from sleek black designs to colourful checked three-piece suits, we’ve got you covered so you can look your best at your dream wedding. 

How do I measure my suit? 

Choosing the right suit for you will be a matter of personal preference. As it’s a day that will be remembered for years to come, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. 


Correctly measuring for the right suit is essential for both comfort and confidence on your big day. Essentially, you’ll need to consider how the jacket sits across the arms, shoulders and chest, as well as the style and leg length of your trousers. Take a look at our guide on everything you need to know about how a suit fits to learn more. 

The venue

While your personal preference plays a huge role in choosing the right suit, your wedding venue will need to be taken into consideration so you can seamlessly match your surroundings — you don’t want to contrast too much, after all. 


To help find the best wedding venue and suit combo, here are some different wedding venues and the suits that work the best for them. 

The classic wedding 

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In most cases, a classic or traditional wedding is a formal occasion that will include a church ceremony, followed by a sit-down dinner at a reception area. Couples who choose this option will usually set a formal dress code. 


If this is your wedding venue or theme of choice, a tuxedo will offer that elegance and sophistication that will effortlessly match the location. A well-presented two-piece suit with a flattering fit in the blazer and trousers will fill you with confidence on your big day if you opt for this classic wedding spot. 


When it comes to colour, the suit itself should be black as this is smart, simple and refined. However, you can play around with solid reds, pinks and blue hues when it comes to the accessories. These colours will make your appearance pop without bringing down the formality. 

The boho wedding

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Also known as a bohemian wedding, a boho wedding aims to channel effortless elegance and freestyle spirit with colour and creativity. These weddings are all about blending into your natural surroundings and allowing Mother Nature to take the reins. 


Bright, natural and creative, a two-toned checked suit would be the perfect choice for this kind of venue. A checked suit is a fantastic example of a refined and classic pattern that would blend into the vibrant surroundings of a boho wedding — think wildflowers, clashing patterns and prints, and hand-crafted touches. 


Accessories play a big role, too. Add a bright and colourful tie and matching pocket square, or if you're aiming for a more relaxed look, you can undo the top button of your shirt and disregard the tie — you can consider swapping the waistcoat for adjustable braces. These serve the same basic function as a belt while providing additional style to your outfit, and they make a great addition to boho wedding attire. 

The summer wedding 

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Summer means warmer weather, longer days and brighter colours. A summer wedding can be comfortably hosted indoors or outdoors and your guests can experiment with different coloured suits, dresses and flamboyant accessories. 


As a groom, you’ll need to dress smart without feeling uncomfortable in the heat, so a linen-silk blend suit should be your go-to option. As the fabric is breathable and lightweight, it’s perfect for the sunny season meaning you won’t feel the heat too much — and you won’t have to worry about a jacket either. 


If you’re hosting a summer wedding, you should go for lighter colours, like browns, creams and light greys. Pastel shades like blue and pink can be added in as an accessory, but if you feel like you can pull it off, then you could wear these colours as a full suit. 

The rustic wedding 

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Rustic-inspired weddings stick to neutral colour pallets and contain a variety of organic textures and shapes. Think wood, country flowers and foliage — which is why it’s often described as country chic and is great for barn weddings and outdoor ceremonies when the weather is just right. 


A tweed suit will offer sophistication and a sharp finish to help you blend in with your rustic venue. As well as looking smart, tweed adds depth and texture to your outfit and offers plenty of insulation — perfect for outdoor weddings hosted during the cooler seasons. 


The colour pallet for your suit should be down to earth, chic and simple and should include different shades of blue, browns and greens. These colours can also be incorporated as accessories in ties or pocket squares, alongside pop shades of yellow, rust and lavender. 

The outdoor wedding

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Outdoor weddings can be more versatile than indoor weddings but can also be a bit trickier to dress for with the unpredictability of the weather. 


However, when it comes to setting up your ceremony and reception area, you have a lot more space to play with. You can also choose a space that fits your theme perfectly and decorate it however you please. 


Stand out on your big day with a striking tonal check three-piece suit — a variety of light shades in your checked pattern will help you remain noticeable on your big day. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding outside of the summer months, tweed material will offer warmth if needed. 


Be as bright as your outdoor setting with light colours ranging from shades of blue, whites and light greys. A patterned accessory – like a floral tie and matching pocket square or striking tie pin – can add a touch of natural beauty to your wedding outfit. Finish your suit with brown brogues and a white shirt

The grand wedding 

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If you have a large RSVP list and are keen to find a big enough venue to accommodate, then a grand wedding is for you. With a huge range of possibilities to choose from and a large event to set up, you can go all out when it comes to the details and design of your venue.


However, with such a busy venue, your suit can go one of two ways. You can match the chaos with a bright patterned suit that will help you stand out from the crowd. Or you can be noticeable in the opposite way by going for a plain but smart three-piece instead — helping you to remain visible in your well-decorated venue.  


If you go for a simplistic style, accessories are essential in helping to make your suit eyecatching. Think bright, bold coloured pocket squares and ties, ranging from striking reds and pinks to deep burgundy and purple hues. Don’t be afraid to go for a floral, tartan or paisley pattern if you’re really looking to add some extra depth to your suit. 

The vintage wedding 


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Vintage-style weddings aim to depict a specific time period, bringing an old-world feel to a modern-day venue. Some people choose to stick to a certain era, while others mix elements from several times, but, whatever you choose, antiques and intricate designs are a staple to this theme. 


When it comes to choosing your suit, tweed often falls in the vintage category. These suits are the perfect choice for style-conscious grooms aiming for a more traditional appearance. The material can come in a range of designs, like check and dogtooth but the choice is ultimately up to the wearer. 


The vintage colour pallet will vary from shades of browns, greys and oranges, to brighter greens, blues and warmer yellows tones, depending on the era you’re aiming to replicate. These hues can be worn as a whole suit or can be added in as a simple accessory. 

The evening wedding


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Evening weddings give your guests plenty of time to get to your venue and allow you to use the day to prepare yourself and set up the wedding if you choose. It also allows you to play around with the lighting at your venue for when the sun sets, which can create a stunning backdrop for any photos.


The perfect suit for an evening do will be smart, simple and clean. This will allow you to look dapper while blending into any of the dark surroundings, but you can also add a pop of colour to your look to help draw the eye.


Darker tones are perfect for evening wedding suits. While black is a common and easy colour to go for, you can mix things up by going for navy blue, charcoal and dark grey shades instead. Add a splash of colour to your outfit with burgundy, dark blue or silver ties and pocket squares or go for a more relaxed look by foregoing your tie completely. 

The perfect suit for your venue 

Now that you have an idea of the best suit to choose for your venue, you can put this knowledge to the test by finding your perfect suit for your special day. Whether you’re planning a casual summer wedding or you’d prefer a grand evening do, we’ve got you covered. At Slater Menswear, you can browse our wide range of suits, shirts and trousers so you can dress to the nines for every occasion. 


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