A white shirt is a simple yet crucial staple in every man’s wardrobe. They can be styled with nearly anything making them exceptionally versatile and perfect for any occasion, whether it’s for a smart-casual event or a work opportunity.


But, that’s not to say that it doesn’t come with its challenges. 


At Slater Menswear, we’ve got a wide range of white shirts that you can wear for any event in the calendar.  Here are the 6 best ways to style a white shirt for men and how to care for them. 

How to style a white shirt

1. How to style a white shirt with jeans 

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Straight leg or slim fit jeans paired with a tailored white shirt offer a smart-casual fitted solution that is suitable for most social occasions. 


If you’re wanting more of a sophisticated and tailored look, then steer clear of a baggy leg and stick to more of a slim leg style. Choosing a white shirt with a black or navy trim to match the jeans you’re wearing will add a touch of colour and authenticity to your dapper outfit. 


Pair this casual and simple combination with a smart pair of casual lace-up shoes or comfortable boots

2. How to style a white shirt with shorts

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Shorts are a casual addition to any attire which means the shirt they’re paired with can be too. 

You should avoid long-sleeved shirts with shorts — even rolling up the sleeves can be too much of a fervid mix-and-match. Instead, opt for fitted short sleeve shirts and comfortable shorts. This look would look great at a beach bar, an outdoor meal in the summer or even a wedding abroad. 


Consider a pair of casual lace-up shoes, loafers or brogues for more sophisticated occasions. If you’re heading to more of a casual event, think sandals, espadrilles or high top trainers. 

3. How to style a white shirt with a suit 

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If you’re attending a wedding, a business meeting, or another formal event, then you can’t go wrong with pairing a tailored white shirt with a suit. Whether you prefer a tweed three-piece or a black two-piece, any suit colour or style will look dapper with a white shirt. Once you’ve found your perfect suit, you will need to choose accessories of the right shade to match your attire. 


Consider accessorising with a signature tie, pocket square or cufflinks. The best shoes to go with this smart ensemble include leather Oxfords, Brogues or lace-up shoes. 

4. How to style a white shirt with a jumper

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A slim fit white shirt can be paired with a variety of different coloured jumpers. The snug fit will make it easier to throw a jumper over the top and will reduce the chances of the outfit looking ill-fitting. Choose from crew neck and v-neck jumpers for the perfect layered smart-casual ensemble and pair with a fitted pair of jeans or chinos. 


This spruce combination can be worn with a pair of smart trainers or lace-up casual shoes, depending on the occasion. 

5. How to style a white shirt with a casual jacket 

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Wearing an unbuttoned casual jacket over a formal white shirt will create the ideal smart-casual attire perfect for days in the workplace or social gatherings — especially those taking place during the colder months. Tuck the shirt into a nicely fitted pair of jeans, chinos or smart trousers to maintain a tailored yet sophisticated appearance. 


The best shoes for this outfit will be determined by the occasion. Smart shoes are perfect for more formal events, while trainers and boots are casual and appropriate for the outdoors. 

6. How to style a white shirt and chinos 

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Another smart-casual solution, neutral coloured chinos — think browns, blues, and greys — paired with a white shirt is a comfortable way to go about the workplace or attend a social occasion. Whilst this combination makes you look smart and respectable, the informality also makes you appear approachable, making it perfect for building relationships in various settings.


To finish off this look, add a quality belt, a casual jacket or smart blazer for the colder seasons, and a fresh pair of brogues or casual lace-up shoes. 

How to care for a white shirt

Use a light wood or metal hanger to avoid creases

When you iron a white shirt, the most important thing to consider is that the soleplate of the iron is clean. It’s also recommended to have a solid stainless-steel plate on hand, as these won’t damage the material when ironing your shirt. If a soleplate is dirty or made out of materials that aren’t rust-resistant, then rust stains may appear on your clean white shirts when ironing. 


If you’re anxious about using an iron regularly on your white shirt, then you should consider using a light wood or metal hanger to avoid creases. While other materials exist, wooden and metal hangers are strong, sturdy and won’t bend over time. This means that your garments are less likely to slip off your hanger or wrinkle, resulting in fewer creases and less ironing over time. 

Pre-treat troubled areas 

Tackle yellow underarm marks and other kinds of stains by pre-treating your white shirts before you put them in the wash. Being quick to treat your shirt, soaking your clothing in a non-chlorine-based bleach for half an hour before washing and using the highest temperature recommended on the care label is advised. 


The type of soap you use when washing your whites isn’t as important as the amount you use. Using the right amount of detergent will stop the dirt released into the water from re-depositing on the fabric. If you don’t use enough washing products, then you won’t be able to create that effect which means the dirt will be held until the end of the drain cycle. 

Never wash whites with colours 

The best way to wash a white shirt is to turn it inside out, add detergent with a whitening agent and put it on a warm water setting. Hot water will degrade the colour of the shirt at a quicker rate compared to warm water. Your washing machine shouldn’t be too empty or too full, your clothes need space to move around but shouldn’t be washed alone to save time and energy. 


To maintain a bright and crisp appearance, you should only ever wash whites with each other. They should never be washed with any colours, even on a mixed wash cycle, as the colours can run into the garment. This can be mild to extreme depending on the type of colours they’re washed with and the age of the materials.

Styling a white shirt for any occasion

Now that you know the best ways to style a white shirt for men for any occasion you can now put your newfound knowledge to the test. Discover our selection of white shirts at Slater Menswear and put together the perfect outfit for you. 


Take a look at our style inspiration page for even more expert fashion advice.