It may seem like wedding season peaks in popularity during the warmer months, but autumn weddings are just as favoured. 


As the weather cools and the trees turn delightful shades of umber and burnt orange, there’s no better time to experiment and delve into warmer colour palettes when choosing your suit. As a groom, you’ll want to make sure that your suit stands out a cut above the rest. 


At Slater Menswear, our styling experts have put together this guide for some much-needed inspiration on how grooms can easily style a suit for their autumn wedding.

Suit or tuxedo?

Whether you choose a suit or a tuxedo is entirely your choice and both are great options. However, it usually comes down to how formal the wedding is going to be. 


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The primary difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Traditionally, tuxedos have satin facing on the buttons, pocket trims, lapels and down the side of the trouser leg.  


Typically, a tuxedo is worn for special occasions like black-tie events, where it’s important to dress up and wear something you wouldn’t usually turn to. These work especially well for nighttime weddings as a tuxedo is usually worn during the evening. 


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A more traditional choice for grooms, a suit is heavily favoured for weddings. For weddings that are taking place during the day, a suit is an excellent choice. 


While a tuxedo favours satin, a suit’s lapels and buttons are made from the same material. There are no stripes down the leg of the suit trousers and instead of a bowtie, a suit makes use of a tie instead.

What to consider when choosing your suit

When it comes to finding the right suit, it will all be down to personal preference. Your suit should make you feel comfortable and collected for your big day, so it’s best to consider both the colour and the pattern.

The colour

The world of men’s clothing can be daunting, especially when picking out the perfect colourway as a groom for your wedding. 


When it comes down to your colour palette, make use of seasonal autumn hues — think deep purples, browns and greens to name a few. Try mixing tones like a navy suit jacket with grey trousers and an orange tie to add an extra pop of colour. 


If you’re in doubt about which colour to choose, a plain mid-grey will go with any and all wedding themes. But, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour.  

The pattern

A pattern can make or break your look; whether you like to keep it plain or want to opt for something that makes more of a statement, it can be a tough decision. 


If you do decide to opt for a pattern, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit muted. For example, if you choose a chequered suit, then keep your accessories plain — you don’t want clashing designs after all.

Suit material for an autumn wedding

Tweed suit

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The epitome of the quintessential British gentleman’s suit and synonymous with most autumn and winter weddings, a tweed suit is an enduring choice for any wardrobe. 


Inspired by heritage, tweed is a practical and highly sophisticated material that acts as a great insulator of heat due to its finely woven strands. This makes it a perfect choice for autumn weddings when the weather is a tad cooler. 


If you’re looking for a suave image that’s especially hard to beat, a three-piece tweed suit makes a statement for any groom. Go for neutral hues and textures as they tend to complement tweed the most, and finish with matching shoes.

Herringbone suit

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Similar to that of tweed, herringbone is heavy and durable, making it a perfect choice for weddings during autumn. 


A herringbone suit consists of a tighter weave fabric — typically made from flannel or wool — which helps give a more structured silhouette. Its thickness also adds texture and an illusion of depth to your groom's outfit. 


Wearing herringbone as a groom is simple. Pair with a crisp white shirt and knitted tie and pocket square that matches the decor of the wedding. 

Wool suit

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Although it seems a wool suit would be better suited to a winter wedding, it actually works perfectly well for autumn weddings, too. 


Heavyweight wools work beautifully for keeping the autumn chill at bay, helped in part by its versatility when spun. A tight weave will keep you warm if you’re going to be staying in your suit for the entire day. Many wool-blend suits are made to be crease-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about folds in your suit during photographs. 


As a groom, you need to finish your suit off expertly. Think of matching ties and pocket squares paired with formal shoes. 

How to style a suit for an autumn wedding

Now that you have the ingredients to find the perfect suit for your autumn wedding, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to the test. From tails to tuxedos, colours and patterns to everything in between, we’ve got you covered. At Slater Menswear, we have a huge selection of wedding suits that are suitable for any theme.


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