This can be a tricky one, for any number of reasons. A funeral can be anything from a sober contemplation of loss to an emotional celebration of life, so your first responsibility is to gauge the nature of the event and then look to dress accordingly.

That might mean talking to the deceased’s family or close friends about their preferences for the funeral itself and any wake that follows. It might not be an easy conversation to have, but it’s better than misinterpreting the situation and standing out for all the wrong reasons.


If you’re in any doubt, err on the side of smart

The traditional format of a Western funeral requires smart, plain clothes. Typically, that means a black suit with a plain shirt and black tie, with any accessories such as an umbrella, hat, overcoat or shoulder bag also black or dark-coloured. Smart trumps style under such circumstances, so this is no time for fashion statements.

That’s not to say you can’t look great in an understated, respectful outfit. It just shouldn’t be your priority. Unlike most other occasions, this isn’t about self-expression.

If things are more casual

There is a growing trend – so to speak – for more casual, informal funerals where you wear what you feel comfortable and appropriate in. In which case, smart casual is a good shout. It’s best to aim for the smarter end of the spectrum, though. Definitions vary, so a ‘quiet’ shirt or sweater with a matching jacket, plus trousers (or chinos, or smart jeans) and shoes is a fairly safe bet. But, as before, don’t take this as an opportunity to impress – or to wear bright colours unless specified.


If things are even more casual, celebratory or themed

Increasingly, funerals are more about a celebration of life than collective mourning, and the family might suggest certain colours or encourage more expressive outfits. They may even suggest themes for the occasion based on the deceased’s will, profession, or passion. This can be quite liberating on the ‘what to wear’ front and can help to lift what might otherwise be an emotionally difficult day.


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  • Assuming it’s smart, or smart casual

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