Spring weddings offer the ideal chance to embrace vibrant colours. Consider experimenting with shades like sage, blue, and pink, whether as an accent or as the main hue of your attire. It's a guaranteed way to stay in line with the latest trends





Blue suits remain a timeless choice for weddings. Serving as a defining base colour, they offer a number of complementary options for your shirt, shoes, and accessories. Keep it timeless and fresh with pale pink accents, or add a touch of depth and character with rust tones






Linens, they've arrived and are here to stay.

During summer weddings, a linen suit checks all the boxes: it's lightweight, comfortable, and effortless. With a dark blue or stone options. Why not mismatch them for a striking contemporary aesthetic. It's a win-win solution for the warmer months when weddings are often.





The tuxedo trend for Spring/Summer 2024 weddings embraces sophistication with a modern twist. Classic black tuxedos remain a timeless choice, exuding elegance and refinement. However, this season sees a surge in the cream Tuxedo. Whether opting for a traditional or contemporary interpretation, the tuxedo trend for SS24 weddings embodies sophistication, versatility, and sartorial flair.





Muted toned suits are a refined alternative to traditional vibrant hues. Embracing a palette of understated colours such as soft greys these suits exude sophistication and versatility.




Made from lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton blends, these suits ensure comfort without compromising style, making them ideal for warm-weather ceremonies. Whether paired with crisp white shirts or subtle hints of blue and dusty green accessories these suits offer grooms a timeless yet fresh approach to wedding attire.