Weddings can be difficult to dress for at the best of times, but mix in winter weather conditions and it can be even harder. However, if you take time to carefully consider the choice of colour for your suit, you’ll be taking a huge step in your journey for looking sharp in no time. 

But what colours should you wear for a winter wedding? Whether you’re attending a black-tie event or more of an informal wedding day, we’ve put together this guide of winter colour ideas for grooms and guests to help you look timeless on the big day.


Simple but stylish, a classic black suit can be a no-nonsense approach whilst still looking effortlessly dapper — making it a perfect choice for grooms on their wedding day. This monochromatic colour is dark and contrasting, however, it can be easily broken up with a strong bowtie and pocket square combo. Added tones should be deep and saturated to suit a winter wedding and a white shirt can offer a crisp finish. The dark and sophisticated appearance of a black suit makes it a popular choice for formal evening wedding do’s and black-tie events. Whether it’s worn during the day or at night, opting for lighter colour accessories — such as grey or cream —  can brighten up the suit. And, when paired with a patterned pocket square or tie pin, it’s sure to have you looking dapper.


Silver is a great winter wedding colour that can easily be worked into your wardrobe and accessories. This solid, versatile colour is typically associated with grey tones, but the light and metallic properties make it a more lively and sleek addition to a winter wedding outfit. Silver works well when paired with a variety of colours, like striking blues, plum tones and classic taupes; which will make any gentleman look suave, no matter the occasion. If you’d like to incorporate silver into your outfit, bold accessories like watches and cufflinks provide a decorative and practical finish. Check out our full collection of wedding accessories

Navy Blue

Navy blue is good for any season, but it complements a winter wedding perfectly. The dark tones make it best suited for evening attire, as deep and dark colours are bold enough to make a statement whilst still sticking to the theme of the winter wedding. It can be worn by grooms aiming for a subtle colour to their outfit or guests aiming for a traditional look. A versatile hue that can adapt to suit the majority of colour schemes, navy blue works perfectly as a substitute for black at less formal events. The darkness works well with the long winter nights while offering a pop of colour. Navy blue captures the eye and can be paired with light colours, like a white shirt. A solid colour tie and pocket square, like red, makes it stand out even more. 


Nothing shouts ‘elegance’ like a grey suit. As a general rule, grey is a great colour for informal winter weddings — especially if the wedding is taking place during the day and goes into the early evening. The versatility of this colour means it can be paired with concentrated tones, like pinks and blues, that complement a winter wedding. If you’re a groom planning to wear a grey suit, a white shirt is recommended for a fresh finish. If you’re planning on wearing grey as a guest, then a light blue shirt lowers the gravity of the suit whilst maintaining an acceptable level of sophistication, especially when paired with a smart tie. You can learn how to match your suit, shirt and tie perfectly with our in-depth guide. 


Brown comes in a variety of shades, but darker tones are best for both the groom and guests at a winter wedding, as it blends into the natural setting of the season well. This mellow colour works perfectly as a daytime outfit, but you can also incorporate it into evening attire too — especially when it’s added in as an accessory to a darker coloured suit. For an innovative look, you can opt for a checked suit in this range of brown tones. These designs are rich in pattern and texture, making you stand out while looking smart and dapper. Due to brown being a neutral hue, most coloured accessories will go with a brown suit. Pair it with a white, light blue or light pink shirt and a black or bright coloured tie and a matching pocket square. 


Charcoal communicates some of the mystery and strength of black without being as dark and overwhelming, making this colour work well for daytime wear at winter weddings. Even though there are many shades of charcoal, almost any will work perfectly for a winter wedding due to the versatility of what can be worn alongside it — regardless of whether you’re the groom or a guest. A charcoal suit can be comfortably matched with a white or coloured shirt and a matching pocket square and tie. The best colours for these accessories include burgundy, green and blue. These can vary in shades — darker tones are best for evening attire whereas lighter shades complement the winter skies. Learn more about which colours work best together with our guide to colour theory


Burgundy is the perfect colour for the groom at a winter wedding, as it will make them stand out whilst giving them a suave and cultured look. Burgundy is a festive colour which makes it ideal for winter weddings that are being hosted close to Christmas — you can even incorporate the decor into your suit. Think bold patterns for pocket squares and complementing ties. If you feel like you couldn’t pull off a three-piece burgundy suit, or you’re a guest who doesn’t want to outshine the groom, burgundy can easily be worked into accessories instead. It can be paired with shades of grey and other dark tones, or brighter colours like golden yellow, umber and turquoise to add a pop of colour during those winter months. 

Dark Green


Dark green is versatile, unique and is associated with freshness. Dark greens make a great winter wedding colour as it’s urbane and vibrant, not to mention festive — which is fitting for weddings that are close to the holidays. Dark green works great with designs like tweed and check. A pattern, like tartan, is often combined with dark green to break up the tones while adding a creative flair to the outfit. Dark green can be worn as a patterned three-piece suit without a tie at a casual wedding, or it can be a smart and regal accessory to a darker suit, which is much more suitable for formal occasions. 

Get help from the experts at Slater Menswear

Now that you know some of the perfect colours and combinations for a winter wedding — whether you’re a groom or guest — the next step is to put what you’ve learned to the test. From choosing a bold shade to adding subtle colourful accessories, we’ve got your style covered at Slater Menswear. Check out our selection of wedding suits for your winter theme or make your way to our style inspiration hub for even more expert fashion advice.