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father's day 2020 gift guide headerfather's day 2020 gift guide header



By Slaters Style  February 2nd, 2021


A micro wedding is a wedding with less than 20 guests, which unsurprisingly have become increasingly popular over the past year, whether that decision has been down to personal choice or forced circumstances, we think the small and intimate trend will stick around and is why.



Being smaller, micro weddings will usually save you a lot of money compared to a big day – not feeding 100 people will easily do that – and tend to be a bit more relaxed and less of a formal affair. With the average wedding in the UK now costing upwards of an eye-watering £18,000, cutting the guest list is the main thing that will bank some savings. During recent times, we've also seen suppliers teaming up to create amazing micro wedding packages that include flowers, photographer, venues and more. Booking package deals like this are not only great value for money but save a lot of stress in the search for suppliers for your date, and lets you tick multiple things off your to-do list.



Having a small guest list opens up your options for venues hugely. Although laws differ across the UK, for instance in Scotland you can get married pretty much anywhere indoors or out as long as you have an official registrar, celebrant or minister to officiate which means your options really are endless north of the border, whereas England and Wales have a few more rules to follow in terms of where you can be legally married. Even with this in mind, the growing popularity in smaller and less traditional weddings has added places like pubs, restaurants, boutique hotels and inns, village halls, barns and more contemporary spaces to the list of venue options. The search for a venue that comfortably holds 20 people compared to 120 should be much less restrictive. 



Assuming your guests are those nearest and dearest to you, it may feel easier to do things that are a bit more personal. You can choose which wedding traditions you want to keep, which to ditch or add some extra special elements that may not have fallen into budget had you hosted more guests – hello free bar! We’ve also seen couples swapping the usual three-course meal for personal food favourites in the form of buffets, BBQs and food trucks.



Not only choosing food and drink that is more to your own taste but you might be more inclined to dress a bit more 'you' also. Generally speaking, weddings bring a standard of dress code which most people embrace, and who doesn’t love getting dressed up, but with a more intimate setting with those who know you best, you may feel more comfortable putting your own spin on a classic.


Discover some trends we predict will be big in 2021 -


Dare to stray away from the classic blue and grey tones, make a less traditional choice with a jewel-toned suit like green or our Ventura burgundy three-piece suit. 




Think bold checks, heavy patterns and colourful prints. You can add some flair with accessories or go bold with your suit choice. Our latest range of check suits has a style for everyone.





We don’t only mean mixing things up with your groomsmen, we have a great collection of waistcoats that you can style with your suit for a statement contrasting look.





Although it's not for everyone, this is an ever-increasing trend. Stepping away from tradition completely and saying goodbye to the classic collar and tie and styling a suit with a casual open shirt or laid back footwear.



One thing we have learned from speaking to couples who have had micro weddings, less can definitely be more! Nobody regrets having an amazing day with close friends and family, and although for some it may not be your first choice to have a smaller wedding, it won’t feel like anything less than a perfect day.

That being said, while restrictions are still currently a part of our lives it’s difficult to tell when big weddings may be allowed again so why not have an amazing micro wedding now and celebrate with a big party and more guests when it is safe to do so – another excuse to get dressed up is something everyone can get on board with!



For more wedding style inspiration have a look at our Wedding Shop.



Have you had a micro wedding? Follow us below and tag us in your wedding photos!


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