style guide what to wear to a christening and christening suitsstyle guide what to wear to a christening and christening suits


What to wear to a christening

by Slaters Style   February 21, 2020


A christening is a celebration, so it’s going to be pretty upbeat and relaxed, but there will be some degree of formality to it. With that in mind, it pays to put a little thought into what you wear, taking into account the season and the setting.

If you’re lucky, you may have some guidance on dress code with your invitation. If not, you can probably gauge the dress code on what you know of the parents and families who invited you, but if you’ve any doubts you can always get in touch and ask. It’s certainly not a faux pas to enquire about dress code if you’re unsure.


Bolder and brighter?

Of course, a christening is a religious ceremony, so it’s wise to dress smartly and respectfully whether you’re religious or not. A smart suit is a pretty safe bet for most christenings, although black can be considered sombre in the church setting, so subtle lighter colours are a good starting point. And a carefully coordinated shirt, jacket, trousers and shoes will just as likely meet the brief and help you enjoy the day with confidence.

Basically, a christening is a great reason to treat yourself (and your audience) to a fresh outfit for the occasion. At very least, this ensures you avoid wearing the same suit you wore to the parents’ wedding!


Dress up, not down

This simple rule applies to most events and engagements. It’s always best to go with the smarter of two options, as long as you’ve got the cut and the colours right, and haven’t gone over the top with the formality or extravagance.

This is about the family, not you – but it doesn’t mean you can’t take this opportunity to show an appreciation for outfitting and a sense of occasion.


Let’s investigate some ‘suitable’ options…  


Baby blue

A light blue suit is an excellent choice for christenings, bringing a bright and cheerful presence to the occasion and giving you a great base for a white shirt with a colourful tie, plus matching belt and shoes. Such an outfit can also serve you well for summer weddings and other formal but celebratory events. Basically, a slim or skinny blue suit can serve you well in all kinds of settings and is a great step up from smart-casual. There are some excellent 2 or 3 piece suit options in Slater Menswear’s own ONESIX5IVE and Fellini Tailored ranges and from several other renowned brands available in-store and online.

Of course, you can take the blue blazer as a great starting point for your stylishly matched jacket and trousers, and then choose a shirt and accessories to complete your fashion-savvy christening ensemble!

Other colours are available…

… and are just as befitting a christening. A classic navy is great, as is dapper charcoal or a lighter grey. Grey is by no means a solemn colour. In many ways it provides the perfect canvas for colourful expression, working wonders with white or light shirts and colourful accessories.

Linen is in

Well, it was never really out of fashion. Being light, comfortable and versatile, a linen suit (or jacket to match trousers with) is a great option for christenings and other ‘attendee’ events where you might not be the focal point, but want to carry a curated style nonetheless. Available in greys, blues and very popular stone, the linen look is highly versatile, and ideal for events like this – especially in the warmer months.


Trust in tweed

For the cooler months – and the downright chilly ones – tweed also offers an excellent range of stylistic options for christenings. Churches can be on the cold side, so why not consider a blue Lambretta slim-fit tweed three-piece or the brown Sawyers and Hendricks tailored three-piece (with paisley jacket lining). Both are excellent suits for the price tag, and ideal for all kinds of events.

Mix and match to christen your unique look

The dress code for friends or relatives’ christenings tends to be looser than for a wedding, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to experiment and coordinate a look of your own. Just set a few ground rules for the occasion – and for your quest for the custom look.

For example, don’t assume that finding the perfect jacket means you don’t need to worry too much about the trousers, shirt or shoes. Even be prepared to sacrifice the jacket altogether and start over if you can’t find the trousers and shirt that will do it justice.

The good news is you have creative freedom, so you can explore wool-rich trousers, chinos, moleskins or even smart jeans to complement the jacket, and then ice the cake with a matching shirt and shoes. Avoiding the black jacket opens up more options colour-wise for trousers… for example, burgundy trousers go well with stone linen jackets, and blues go well with greys.


If the shirt fits

A crisp white shirt is perfect for just about any occasion, but pastel shades can complement blue, grey or stone, and even check or pin-stripe jacket options. It’s also worth noting that the plainer the jacket and/or trousers, the more adventurous you can be with your shirt, so you can introduce pattern here if you haven’t spent it all elsewhere!

Step it up

Lighter threads open up more footwear options, so consider tan or brown shoes – even loafers – with light blue trousers, for example. Or how about burgundy brogues or stylish Monk Shoes with darker blue trousers? Slater Menswear has many and varied options for completing the picture, with fine slip-on and lace-up footwear from the likes of Ted Baker, Loake, Jimmy Bee and ONESIX5IVE.


Where to begin?

Have a browse of the Slater Menswear site and get a feel for what you’d look and feel good in, factoring in any expressed or implied dress code. You can buy online and enjoy free alterations in-store – or why not collate some ideas and then visit one of our 26 UK stores? We can help ensure you not only look and feel great for the christening but also have another great outfit on your rail for future events. 



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