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what to wear to graduation and graduation suitwhat to wear to graduation and graduation suit


What to wear to a graduation

by Slaters Style   February 21, 2020


Okay, so this is a biggie! In some senses, it’s formal and ceremonial, but it’s also a great opportunity to make a statement of style, and show that there’s way more to your wardrobe than the casual garb you’ve been sporting for the last three years or so.

It’s going to be the big day before you know it, so let’s get started on what to wear to a graduation. We’ll focus on the main man, but we’ll explore some guidance for the proud fathers and brothers in attendance, too.


So, graduate. Let’s certify your style…

It might seem like a simple case of ‘suit’. But if you want your threads to lift your day and impress your family and friends – and know that ‘that photo’ isn’t going to make you cringe forevermore – take note(s).

Just to confirm – wear a suit. Resist the temptation to wear a mankini or a superhero outfit. If only for your poor family’s sake!


Stay classy

There is any number of ways to approach the graduation suit conundrum, as the day will be a rollercoaster of ceremony and celebration. But if you look like a high achiever in your outfit, you’ll feel confident and comfortable throughout the day and night.

It’s probably wise to match suit and trousers, and slim or skinny fits are both on-trend right now. A 2 piece suit with a white shirt is a steady bet and a straightforward statement, and a good-fitting ONESIX5IVE will serve you well. The well-known Slater Menswear brand also features an excellent 3 piece suit for just £89, which literally adds another layer of style. There are plenty of alternatives that fit the brief, too, from in-house and high street names such as Charlton Gray, Ventura and Fellini. Also, there are some classy cuts in our Performance range that will be ideal for future formal engagements and job interviews, too. 

Colour-wise, plain black is the go-to for graduation – for suits or carefully matched blazer and trouser combos. That said, don’t overlook a dark blue or charcoal if it makes you feel good and looks the part. Maybe don’t mix the colours, though, and perhaps save the stylish check or pinstripe for your next Slater Menswear-curated outfit.


If the shirt fits…

We recommend a white or light slim-fit shirt, and there are some perfect graduation options from Guthrie & Valentine, MRK and ONESIX5IVE, both online and in our 26 stores across England, Scotland and Wales.

Our pick? Well, the Guthrie & Valentine white woven slim-fit with double cuff is a great shirt for graduation. But then so is our ONESIX5IVE single-cuff Shadow Stripe shirt, among many more.


Knot a problem

The tie-knot is second nature to some, but a terrifying puzzle to others. A Windsor knot is preferable with a graduation suit and well-pressed shirt, and there are plenty of ties across our ranges that work a Windsor beautifully. There are endless online tutorials for perfecting the knot, or you can simply ask us in-store when you come to select and perfect your graduation outfit.    


A qualified success

The tie is where you begin to ice the cake, so it’s always good to match with shoes, belt and maybe pocket-square at the same time. Red, pink, and purple are all good colour options for ties and matching squares, and the ONESIX5IVE range has many matched recommendations.

The belt? Black, unless you’ve gone for a dark blue suit, in which case some browns come into the mix.

Step it up

Shoes are easy, colour-wise, as anything but black will most likely clash with a black suit. Again, dark-blue or charcoal suits open up the colour options, but black will still work wonders and won’t throw a spanner in the works with your matched tie and pocket square. The difficult part is choosing the pair that most complements your look and has you feeling complete and confident.

Slater Menswear has plenty of options to browse online and try on in-store. The ever-popular Charles Southwell, Ted Baker and Justin Reece ranges star in an eclectic selection of lace-up and slip-on shoes starting at just £19.



You can complete your considered look with some subtle touches, such as a tie clip, cufflinks and maybe even a new pair of sunglasses. Or a matching umbrella. Or maybe both, this being the UK... 


Proud family

This is an emotional day for them, and you’ll make them well up even more by looking your best. They’ll want to dress up too, so why not get the males in the household to join you on the journey to graduation-day style? It’s a great excuse to hang out and to get them looking and feeling good for one of the proudest days of your lives.




We love hearing about how you style Slater Menswear! Follow us below and tag us in your graduation day pics.


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