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what to wear to a wedding and wedding guestswhat to wear to a wedding and wedding guests


What to wear to a wedding?

by Slaters Style   April 6, 2020


If Covid-19 has affected your big day, firstly can we just say how sorry we are and it’s perfectly acceptable to be upset, annoyed and any other kind of emotion you might feel about it all. We know how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding, and to think about re-planning is not ideal. However deep down we all know that the current government guidelines are only in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety, which at the end of the day is the main thing.

Secondly, let us assure you we are here to help and if you already have a hire booking with us, we will happily honour your new date – just get in touch and let us know your new plans once they are confirmed. Our customer services team are working hard from home and can help with any queries into new or transferred bookings, or cancellations.

We know it’s difficult but try to think of any extra time as a positive; maybe a little longer to save for something that was initially out of budget, get crafty at home and add some extra personal touches or simply just enjoy the time knowing everything is planned to perfection with no last-minute stresses by the time the big day comes!

So whether you are taking the first step into outfit planning or are rethinking your initial choice due to a change in season or theme for the day, you have come to the right place.


More options, but easier decisions too

While that may not sound like the definitive answer you’d hoped for, the good news is that making the right decisions gets easier every day. Sure, the options may be dizzying, but this simply means the right wedding outfit is more accessible. All you need is sage guidance online and in-store with the likes of Slater Menswear, and you’ll be looking and feeling great – which will help you enjoy the day and night far more. Before you know it, you’ll be encouraging all your mates to get married, just so you’ve more opportunities to impress! Or if you haven’t been already, maybe you’ll soon be the groom, in which case you’ll have even more reason to get your outfit bang on for the big day, and you’ll get to set the tone for the groom’s inner circle. Getting it right as a guest is a great starting point…


So what’s fresh on the wedding menu for the modern man?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. What does a guest wear to a wedding? Well, there are some staples to consider, plus the current trends and styles to work in. Here goes...


Play the blues

Blue suits, for example, have long been a popular choice, inviting colour into the proceedings and more opportunity to accessorise with impact. In many ways, blue can be the defining base colour, and there’s a fine range of complementary shades when it comes to your shirt, shoes and other accessories. It’s arguably a more celebratory colour, with a wider range of depths and hues to work with.

How many shades of grey?

That said, a carefully chosen and expertly tailored grey suit can convey quiet confidence, and is an excellent base from which to build a strong look. It frees up your options when choosing your shirt, shoes and other accessories, too – nothing really clashes with a grey, and there are shades aplenty, so your best side is easy to find if you take the time to explore.


Check you out!

Check suits, meanwhile, are also very ‘in’ for the nuptials right now. A subtle check is a great means of stylistic expression without stealing the show. Ideal for carrying a subtle presence, and evidence you’ve put thought into an outfit that will complement the event.

2-piece or 3-piece?

Either way, there are plenty of ways to look great. While it’s down to personal preference and what you look and feel best wearing, the 3-piece suit is arguably more versatile and an opportunity to show an appreciation for tailoring and style: nail the 3-piece and you’re going to look the business. On a purely practical level, weddings are long days, and a waistcoat can keep you warm and stylish if you’re outside for any length of time, and not dining in the marquee with your jacket on!

Suits with contrasting waistcoats are definitely in vogue right now, and the ‘mix and match’ option offers another way to express subtle individualism and personalised styling. Pair a 2-piece suit with a contrasting waistcoat for an instant winning look.


Linen mismatching: it’s a thing, and it’s in

For summer weddings, a linen suit can tick all the boxes: light, comfortable and stylish. Slater Menswear stocks some fantastic blue or stone linen options and they mismatch to great effect for a standout contemporary look. A win-win for the warmer months when weddings tend to happen.

So what’s in store (and online)?

Slater Menswear has a varied and extensive range of wedding-suitable suits, shirts, shoes and accessories available online, and in-store across the UK. Whatever the budget and preference, matching your needs and finding your wedding style is straightforward and reassuring.

We have regular, tailored, slim and skinny-fit options available from £49 to £475 – and free in-store alterations, even if you buy online. Brand-wise, Slater Menswear has all the leading names and contemporary styles, thanks to an excellent buying team that has its fingers on the pulse – plus its own highly thought-of brands including ONESIX5IVE, Guthrie & Valentine and Fellini Tailored. And of course, Slater Menswear stocks a well-curated selection of other affordable and luxury menswear brands, including Sawyers & Hendricks, Paul Costelloe, Ted Baker and Loake Shoes… to name a few!

Suits you, sir

We provide unrivalled expertise and attentive support to help ensure you look and feel the part, whatever the brief. Slater Menswear has been helping men look sharp at weddings for well over a century and continues to champion the importance of expert tailoring with sage stylistic advice that doesn’t break the bank.

If you’re the groom, Slater Menswear provides the full service, preparing you and your wedding party to look and feel amazing on what should be one of the proudest and happiest days of your life – no matter the numbers. And that applies to retail outfits and our comprehensive hirewear. Hire is a great and inexpensive way to free up creativity, and to match outfits more easily across your inner circle. It’s certainly a lot easier than trying to get everyone in the same place at the same time, so it’s really convenient to have 26 stores that each provide the same expert hire service and support. Not only that, hire of the groom’s outfit – or whichever is the most expensive – is free, plus a ‘5 for 4’ promotion applies across the hire ranges.



With its proud Scottish heritage, Slater Menswear provides an exclusive selection of tartans for sale or hire. If there’s a highland theme to the ceremony and celebration, you can mix and match from 17 highlandwear variants (including the brand’s very own Highland Sky and Summer Spirit tartans) for stunning wedding outfits. All highlandwear options come with a choice of classic Argyll and Prince Charlie Jackets, and contemporary Tweed versions of each – plus all the accessories.

Where do I start?

If you haven’t already, you can begin your journey to wedding outfit nirvana by browsing the Slater Menswear website’s hirewear ranges, and even start piecing together your ideal wedding outfit virtually at Better still, why not try the wedding suit finder tool. Both are unique and user-friendly ways to experiment with different fits, colours and styles at your own leisure – and ensure you’re well primed for a trip to your nearest Slater Menswear store and a friendly chat with the experts.


Bear in mind the paparazzi!

Whatever happens, remember the cameras will be present all day and all night. The professionals will be there to get your best side for the pics that end up in the album, but there will also be phones out from the get-go, and who knows what will end up on social media! Truth be told, the best pictures are often the ones you don’t know are being taken, so don’t chance it with less than your best, or you may regret it for digital eternity!


Besides, if you look good, you’ll feel good, and that makes you look even better – for whoever’s taking the pictures… or eyeing you up for their own proposal.



We love hearing about how you style Slater Menswear! Follow us below and tag us in your wedding pics.


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