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By Slaters Style  June 2nd, 2020

Generally speaking, May to September is considered the peak wedding season, in other words - summer! The weather is usually warmer, drier, and more predictable which seems like the ideal setup for a wedding. There is no denying that is true especially here in the UK, but that is not to say that a winter wedding can't be just as, if not more perfect. Winter weddings are increasingly popular for a range of stylistic reasons. You can be more elaborate and adventurous with your outfits, with heavier fabrics for suits and highlandwear, and jackets you won’t want to remove at the earliest opportunity.

Here are our top six reasons why having a winter wedding is a great idea, featuring some of our favourite Slaters style real weddings!


1. Venue Availability and Cost

Ok picture this, you are recently engaged and people start to ask "when's the big day?" There are three things you need to think about - where? when? and how much? because in the wedding world, one can definitely determine the other. Top wedding venues can book up dates as far as 3 years in advance, however, this usually applies to key summer dates, you know, the middle Saturday in July. But even the most sought after venues have a quieter period, and therefore offer winter month packages. Booking your dream venue in the winter instead of the summer can save thousands of pounds. The perfect venue for less?  yes please.




2. Guest Availability

As well as having better venue availability over the winter months, you also have better guest availability with less chance of any of your favourites from the guest list having to miss out. With work, holidays and kids and whatever else it is hard to tie down a date to get together with friends within in a few weeks, let alone over a year in advance. Having your wedding in the winter means, generally speaking, most people will have already been on their summer getaways, school trips and breaks are done leaving people free to attend your big day.




3. Winter Colour Palette and Textures
Winter brings warm tones and deep colour palettes which are perfect for a wedding. The suit options are endless and with our collection of wedding suits ranging from tailored to a skinny fit and plain fabrics to a bold check, we are sure we'd have something to suit your day. If you are looking for more of trend-led look, opt for a burgundy coloured suit. Burgundy is a tried and tested wedding colour theme allowing bridesmaids and flowers to tie in perfectly. Another great option is highlandwear if you are up for it, a bold tartan can add a burst of colour whilst adding a personal touch by wearing a clan tartan. You can take this to the next level by having your highland outfit Made To Measure. And lastly, there is never a better time to go down the Black Tie route. Black tie doesn't always work in a summer wedding, but it's an elegant choice for a darker winter night as a backdrop. 




4. Festive Decor
Let's be honest, as soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas festivities begin. Trees and decorations start popping up, and everything is covered in glistening lights. Although the holidays might not be the reason you choose to have your wedding in November or December or even something you personally celebrate, there are benefits to aligning your day with the festivities, the biggest one being decorations. Most venues will already be decorated for the Christmas period, get in touch with your venue to find out what colour scheme they have for this time of year and tie this in with your theme to provide a backdrop of colour, texture and lighting for your day and what's even better, at no cost to you.




5. Food, Glorious Food
When it's cold outside people want comfort food so use this opportunity to make the most of your menu. Think warm vegetable soups and big hearty main meals. Take it one step further with hot chocolate and mulled wine served at your drinks reception, or even a quick warm up shot of hot toddy! 




6. Think Of The Photos
Just because it might be cold, it doesn't mean you have to skip the outdoor photos. Choosing to wear a heavier fabric like a traditional tweed or a fashion-forward velvet blazer will add a layer of warmth without losing your look. But hey, that is not to say you can't literally layer up. Invest in a smart overcoat that compliments your wedding suit, and even pick up a photogenic umbrella, if there is such a thing (if not, at least new and clean) You're bride to be will be impressed by your thought and preparation for that 'just in case' moment! If you’re lucky enough to have snow, either falling or freshly laid on the ground, get out there and make the most of the dreamy backdrop, your photos will be magical.



For more wedding style inspiration have a look at our Wedding Shop.

We love seeing how you style Slaters. Follow us below and tag us in your wedding photos!


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