Cookies policy

1. The primary purpose for collection of data from your visits is to allow us to provide a smooth efficient and personalised experience while using our store.

2. We use web analytics tools to monitor and analyse site usage, how a user arrived at our site, how long they stayed and what interaction a user had with the site i.e. make a purchase. Other information that is gathered is browser and device usage. The data gathered is anonymous and is not tied to a user personally. Part of sites analytics tool kit includes the use of cookies. We use a number of different cookies to track different services. These are outlined in the tables below. If you would like to know about cookies and how to control them visit here for guidelines – By using and browsing this website, you consent to cookies being used in accordance with this Cookies Policy. If you do not consent, you must either disable cookies (section 3) or refrain from using this website.

3. Managing Cookies
You can block cookies by activating the settings on your browser that allows you to refuse the setting of all or some cookies. Please note if you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you may not be able to access all or part of our website.

Name of Cookie

Reason for use

"Session” Cookies

These are cookies that we use to remember your log in details and what you’ve added to your basket. These are 100% necessary to ensuring the website functions correctly and that you can make purchases. More info:

Performance Tracking

Google Analytics is used to track visits and orders places. It also helps us attribute traffic and sales to third party advertising. This cookie is triggered upon arriving on More info:

Google AdWords


AdWords Tracking code is used to track visits and orders placed from advertising on Google’s search and display network. This cookie is triggered when a user visits and makes a purchase via Google’s sponsored ads and is triggered on the confirmation page. More info:


These are cookies which are the trigger to allow you to share pages and products via social networks.


Additionally, when you use our in store Wi-Fi some of your personal data may also be derived from cookies within the Wi-Fi system, which are required for the functioning of the service.  If you disable cookies, the service will not be able to operate. The Wi-Fi system uses a temporary cookie file named “PHPSESSID” which is required for the functioning of the service. This is a cookie that establishes a user session and reflects the status of that session and is removed from your device once your session expires. This cookie does not store any sensitive user data and is not used for tracking users’ activity. Where social media logins are used, cookies may be used by these third parties; likewise websites and apps which are viewed whilst connected to the Wi-Fi may use their own cookies and analytics services, but these are all independent of the Wi-Fi system provided by Slater Menswear.  Please review these third party policies before using these third party website or apps.

Recommendation Programme                             

We use a service called Recommend.Pro which is used to track visitor activity to our site via JavaScript. The visitor activity that is tracked includes the pages on our site that are visited, when the pages on our site are visited, what products are added to the shopping basket on our site, which products are purchased on our site and any devices used by you.


These are cookies which we use to differentiate devices which you use when you access our site. These cookies expire after 2 years.  


These are cookies which we use to track your session on our site. These cookies expire after 10 minutes.


These are cookies which are used to enable and disable preview mode and are only used by administrators. These cookies expire after 2 years.


These are cookies which are used to block certain browsers from being tracked and are used only by administrators and developers. These cookies expire after 2 years.


These are cookies which are used to track the referral URL or campaign if it exists. These cookies expire after 182 days.


This Cookies Policy was last amended on 1st July 2020.