Loakes Shoes

If you’re looking for men’s footwear that will stand the test of time in terms of both quality and style then Loake Shoes is the brand for you. Also known as quite simply Loake, this footwear brand perfectly balances creating shoes that look great and last well, so you can enjoy your stylish Loake men’s shoes for years to come. Catering for whatever style you want or need, our range of Loake shoes here at Slater Menswear has a variety of designs and colours, from traditional Loake brogues in classic tan and black leathers to suave and modern Loake Chelsea Boots. Shop the range today to find your perfect pair. 

Loake Brogues & Chelsea Boots

You should never have to compromise on either style or quality when it comes to footwear and when you choose Loake shoes, you don’t have to. A brand that understands the importance of designing shoes to last throughout the decade's thanks to both their style and quality, Loake men’s shoes are robust yet refined, durable yet delicately built. Always made using the finest materials, whether you’re buying Loake brogues or Loake Chelsea boots, you’ll always receive a pair of shoes which are made to look good and last.


Here at Slater Menswear, we have an extensive selection of Loakes, ensuring we have the perfect pair for every man and thanks to our affordable prices, you don’t need to search around for a Loake shoes sale as our prices are already as good as they can be! No matter what the occasion, your shoes are always the centrepiece of your outfit, so sport the best footwear possible with the help of Loake Shoes at Slater Menswear.