Paisley Ties

The paisley patterning we know and love originated in Persia and found its way to Renfrewshire via the British Raj. Perhaps that's why there's something about it that just seems to suggest exotic glamour? Paisley ties are the perfect way to brighten up your average work-a-day lounge suit. Alternatively, you could dress it up with a complementary handkerchief and cufflinks to give your evening wear a hint of far-flung mystery. However you plan to wear one, this is clear: a paisley tie from Slaters' impressive collection is a must for any wardrobe.

Paisley Wedding Ties

A patterned tie is the perfect way to bring a formal outfit to life and our selection of men's paisley ties is full of patterned ties to add colour and life to your suit and shirt. Our selection of paisley ties come in a range of colours and styles to work with any outfit you've got planned and prices start as low as £4 to make this trendy way of accessorising your outfit affordable too. Shop men's paisley print ties at Slater Menswear today.